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This is the main building for player-to-player trading. There are several Black Markets found throughout the world.

You can always easily get to the closest Black Market by using your Travel menu.

While in the Black Market you may purchase items from other players. You may also sell items to other players. Items will be posted for 2 weeks before being returned to you if they do not sell.

You may access the list of items to purchase or the option to sell your personal items by clicking on the computer terminal inside of the building. All sales in a Black Market will have a 10% tax automatically added.

You can exit a Black Market by tapping on the door or by tapping your character and selecting "Exit"

Black Markets can be a dangerous place. Jump Protection will allow you to visit them safely.

Current Black Market Locations

Beverly Hills, USA
Chicago, USA
London, England
M√ľnchen, Germany (Also known as: Munich, Germany)
New York City, USA
Shinagawa-ku, Japan (Also known as: Tokyo, Japan)
Sydney, Australia

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