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Blueprints are customizable Items that have 1 to 3 Bonuses for Fronts

  • Kilo Blueprints have 1 Bonus,
  • Mega Blueprints have 2 Bonuses
  • Giga Blueprints have 3 Bonuses
  • Each Bonus has a Level from 1 to 5
  • You cannot have multiple Bonuses of the same type on a single Blueprint
  • Blueprints are consumed when used on a Front
    • A Front can only have a single Blueprint on them per Owner
    • There's no way to get the Blueprint back once it's used
  • Only the owner of the Front can add a Blueprint
    • Adding another Blueprint to a Front destroys any Blueprints you've already applied

  • Fronts are then granted the Bonuses from the Item
  • If the current Front Owner isn't the Blueprint's Owner, the Blueprint does not have any effect
  • If a Player uses a Blueprint on a Front that does NOT have a Blueprint they own, the Player gets an extra 50% Influence
  • When a Front changes Owners, the Blueprint is removed 5 days later if the original Owner does not take back the Front
    • While you have a Blueprint held by a Front you don't own, you gain 20% extra Influence on it from ALL sources

  • Blueprints and Blueprint Modifier Items can be found as the Reward for various Missions
  • Random Blueprints can show up with up to 3 Bonuses and each Bonus can be any Level
  • Blueprints Pawn for Blueprint Modifier Items
  • The details of the Blueprint determine what Modifier Items it Pawns for
  • Modifiers can only be used before the blueprint is applied to the front.


  • Blank Blueprint Item
    • Blank Blueprints also drop from Enemies at a fairly common rate
    • Blank Blueprints can be taken to a Construction Site to "Create Blueprints"
    • Costs: 1 Blank Blueprint and 5 Credits
    • Creates 1 Random Blueprint with Random Bonuses
    • Blank Blueprints can be Traded and do stack in your Inventory

Sample Scenario

  • If Player A owns a front and adds a blueprint the first time they instantly gain 50% influence(75% with Influencer Leg Mods)
  • If Player B takes over the front they can also add a blueprint (gaining an instant 50% influence).
  • Player A has five days to take the front back before their blueprint disappears.
    • During the time the front is under Player B ownership but Player A's blueprint still exists they gain an extra 20% influence from all sources (Jobs, enemies, crafting) done at the front (thus making it easier to reclaim).
  • This applies to fronts taken by Apex as well as other players.
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