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Credits are quite valuable and perhaps the most useful resource in Parallel Mafia.
Credits can be used for many things such as Leveling Up (thereby acquiring new Augment Points) and modifying your Robot.

  • Every player starts out with 100 starter Credits
  • Beginners are encouraged to spend their starter Credits on Leveling Up their characters to gain Augments.
    • You can Level-Up with Credits each time your blue experience bar fills with experience.
      • Simply tap the blue bar which reads 'Level Up'.

Don't worry, there are several ways to get more!

  • The easiest way to get Credits is with Real World cash.
    • Go to "Menu" >> "Credits" and buy some through your iTunes Account (Apple Devices Only), Google Checkout, or PayPal.
  • Another common way to obtain Credits is by selling items in the Black Market.
  • You can also invite a friend to start playing Parallel Mafia.
    • If your friend enters your Referral Code during their tutorial, you will get 40 FREE Credits for each level they gain (up to 400 Credits per referral).
    • You can find your Referral Code on your character Profile.
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