Cyber Surgeries

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Here you can get all sorts of surgeries to fit your needs. What better way to escape those pesky Apex Informants than a new face-lift here or a few facial adjustment there? If you can work your way through the 40-something house wives looking for a brand new face and get to the surgeons room they should be able to hook you up with some good deals on medical merchandise.

Available Jobs

Buy Tantazine (Common)
Cost: 100 Cash
Heat: 1 Heat
Reward: Tantazine

Blackmail Shop Owner (Uncommon)
Cost: 2 Black Mail Photos
Heat: 2 Heat
Reward: All Purpose Arm Mod

Modify Cyber Tech (Rare)
Cost: 3 Weapon Scraps
Heat: 3 Heat
Reward: Mod Part

Available Character modifications

Cost: 100 credits per modification.

  • Change skin tone
  • Change Feature
  • Change Hair
  • Change Bionic Feature
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