Electric Mod

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electric_mod.png buff_electric.png

Completely jamming their core healing mechanisms, this weapon modification neutralizes an opponents' healing capabilities for a short duration. After modifying a weapon with Electric Mods, the weapon will take on a purplish hue.

Crafting Requirements (makes 1 Electric Mod)

Modding Need-To-Know

  • You need to have 3 of the same type of mod to modify 1 weapon or armor.
  • A weapon or armor can only have one type of mod applied.
  • Specific augments are only needed to craft mods, not to apply them to a weapon/armor.
  • The more leveled the item, the more cash it will take to apply the mod.
  • The Cyanyll, Optics, Battery, and Ln2 Canister parts are possibly the hardest components to find of Toxin, Laser, Electric, and Cryo Mods.
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