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Dr. Sheldon Harvey has created a mathematical formula which uses the laws of mass action to predict the future. Detecting the inevitability of Apex downfall bar intervention, he constructed a plan to keep Apex and himself in power. With the use of strange technology, he constructed production facilities capable of crafting his greatest creation: the Universal Purpose, a satellite which houses the most advanced artificial intelligence known to man, with the ability to change the entire course of human future-history.

If you find one of these sinister buildings you will be able to enter or a small fee of 20 credits (10 for Platinum subscribers) and explore its depths for unique moments and rewards. Just make note, The Foundry won't exist forever; generally, when you finish one of these Buildings off, expect a self-destruct sequence to initiate.

  • Defeated Raid Bosses will reduce the Cost to enter a Foundry
    • i.e. Defeating Mecha Management will turn the standard 20 Credit Cost into a 15 Credit Cost

Despite its appearance the Foundry is actually a launch facility for the Universal Purpose satellite. By the time you find the facility you may only have around 40 minutes before Harvey is ready to launch the device. You will need to quickly fight your way through 4 wings of enemies, with some of Apex’s toughest units waiting at the end of each hoping to delay you for long enough. While anyone can face the first wing, only players of higher experience will obtain the Key Card necessary to progress. The Mecha Management, The Predestined and Officer Kenko are rumored to be among the defenders in the first 2 segments. Should you manage to reach Sheldon Harvey’s Labs in time you will find yourself facing the Doctor himself. If you fail to stop the launch you may have to deal with his mysterious project known as The Assimilated. What lies beyond those doors, blocking you from stopping the Universal Purpose? No one knows, as Sheldon Harvey has made reaching the depths of the Foundry difficult, with Encryption Codes being required to open the next section. If you are lucky enough to survive an encounter with one of these bosses you will find yourself rewarded with AI Circuit(s), which can be used to unlock the Universal Purpose Link Augment.

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