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A GPS, or Global Positioning System, is a device that allows you to see a zoomed out version of the gameplay map.

The normal distance you can see surrounding buildings is expanded while using a GPS. In this mode you have the option to visit these buildings, and (if applicable) check the buildings' influence.

If you zoom your GPS out farther you will discover even more functionality! All saved locations in your Travel list will be displayed on the gameplay map, and can thus be visited.

GPS requires battery power to run. It loses charge with every day of use, and will lose charge over time even if not used. If the battery runs out you will be unable to use the GPS. Fortunately, you can recharge the device by using 1 Battery.

Crafting Requirements (makes 1 GPS)

GPS Markers

gps_building_cash.png gps_building_disabled.png gps_building_upgrade.png gps_building_mission.png gps_building_apex.png gps_building_peddler.png

  • Fronts that are full on Cash have a '$' symbol over the top of them
  • Fronts that are disabled from Raiding have the same ‘Cancel’ symbol over the top of them
  • Fronts that can be leveled have an 'Up Arrow' symbol next to them
  • Fronts with Missions on them have an '!' symbol on them
  • Fronts nearing Apex control have the ‘Apex’ symbol on them
    • The Apex warning means they have 70% of the owner’s Influence on them
      • i.e. If the Owner has 51% Influence on a Level 1 Front, when Apex reaches 35% Influence this symbol will appear
  • Fronts with a Peddler Dealing on them have a 'Peddler' symbol on them
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