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This building is filled with sick people. After entering, you happen to make eye contact with someone you had stabbed earlier... Awkward! Find a nurse and maybe you can get your hands on some medicine.

Building Functions

Get a Physical
Heals to Full Health for 200 Cash

Visit the ER
For 150 Credits, Players can now apply a Healing Boost to themselves that changes their Max HP regeneration from 1 and Hour to 5 an Hour.
Effect lasts for the next 24 hours or until Max HP is reached.

Available Jobs

Steal Painkillers (Common)
Heat: 1 Heat
Reward: Painkillers

Bribe Nurse (Uncommon)
Cost: 200 Cash
Heat: 2 Heat
Reward: Kortizole

Deal for Optics (Rare)
Cost: 3 Powders
Heat: 3 Heat
Reward: Optics

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