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A Job is a task on a Front, distinguished by a blue button at the top of the action menu. Jobs may cost certain resources, though all Jobs give out rewards and earn you Experience and Influence. Take note however, as once you do a Job on a Front, you will not be able to do another for 10 minutes. New Jobs (repeats possible) are offered each time a Job is completed or after 12 hours, but who has the patience to wait that long?

Jobs earn you character experience

  • Common jobs: 50 experience
  • Uncommon jobs: 100 experience
  • Rare jobs: 150 experience

They add influence to the front

  • Common jobs: 5% influence
  • Uncommon jobs: 10% influence
  • Rare jobs: 15% influence

And increase the front's experience level

  • Common jobs: 50 front experience
  • Uncommon jobs: 100 front experience
  • Rare jobs: 150 front experience
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