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Class Tokens

A player will now collect class specific tokens to save up for unique class gear.

As you kill Strong, Powerful and Notorious Enemies or defeat Raid Bosses, you will collect these unique Class Tokens for your specific Class

  • Class Tokens can be traded with Black Market Dealers for unique Hats and Gear
  • Class Tokens cannot be Dropped or Traded with Players
  • Class Gear cannot be Dropped or Traded with Players
  • When Trading with a Black Market Dealer, you will only be shown items from your current Class
  • Purchasable Items Include:
    • Class Armor (Cost: 400 Tokens, 560 Node Pieces)
    • First Class Weapon (Cost: 500 Tokens, 625 Node Pieces)
    • Second Class Weapon (Cost: 500 Tokens, 625 Node Pieces)
    • Class Hat (Cost: 750 Tokens, 750 Node Pieces)

Juggernaut Gear

Juggernaut Cyber Armor
juggernaut_cyber_armor.png juggernaut_cyber_armor_cryo.png juggernaut_cyber_armor_electric.png juggernaut_cyber_armor_laser.png juggernaut_cyber_armor_toxin.png

Juggernaut Razor Knuckles
juggernaut_razor_knuckles.png juggernaut_razor_knuckles_cryo.png juggernaut_razor_knuckles_electric.png juggernaut_razor_knuckles_laser.png juggernaut_razor_knuckles_toxin.png

Juggernaut Shield Knuckles
juggernaut_shield_knuckles.png juggernaut_shield_knuckles_cryo.png juggernaut_shield_knuckles_electric.png juggernaut_shield_knuckles_laser.png juggernaut_shield_knuckles_toxin.png

Juggernaut Helmet

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