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Kenko is an Apex commander who appears as a boss in the Foundry and Jurassic Ark.

Officer Kenko

Kenko is a security officer at the Foundry. He is a boss for part 2 of the Foundry. He will throw Fragmentation Grenades, Shock Grenades, and summon allies to attack you. He drops 1 AI Circuit on death.

Kenko's Shock Grenades will stun you for 15 seconds - if his guards are attacking you, this could mean the end. However, the Shock Bombs will not affect you if you are under the effects of another Stun effect - This includes Cybernetic Charge! This means that while under a Cybernetic Charge you are immune to Shock Grenades - use this wisely!

Kenko's Fragmentation Grenades with cause around 50 damage if they explode near you - BEWARE! Too many of these and Kenko will win. Sometimes they will be thrown rather rapidly, so it's best to try and avoid these. Cybernetic Charge won't help you here - in fact it will harm you, as you cannot run from the deadly grenades.

Lastly, Kenko will also summon his Guards. These include Security Drones and Private Security. The Private Security will not activate the Handcuffs effect in the Boss Room unless Kenko is dead, but the Security Drones will still stun you. It is advised to kill off the Guards before chipping away at Kenko. If you let them, the Guards will pile up creating a nearly invincible group of enemies.

Ranger Kenko

Following the failure of the Foundry, Kenko was later reassigned as the gamekeeper in the Jurassic Ark.

Upon entry he will be out of reach on a balcony, and will throw food into the room, which summons several Dilophosaurus for feeding. Eventually you will be able to lure him into the field so that you may damage him. He drops 1 Dino DNA on death.

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