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These high energy beams are commonly found as part of the Foundry's security system. Even brief contact with an active laser will inflict extreme damage, with some claiming it can wipe half of their health. The beam remains active for several seconds, after which the laser will need to recharge for a moment. When its path starts to flash, move out of the way: this means it's about to fire. gmo_steady_laser_horizontal_firing.png
There are two varieties of Laser. The standard red version can be found anywhere in the Foundry, while the purple variant is only used by The Assimilated.

Lasers cannot be destroyed, but can be spotted by looking for the Diodes which are placed on walls across from each other. Each Laser will have 2 Diodes.

A Red Laser will hit you once if you are standing under it when it fires. After firing it will shut down, cool off, and then begin the firing process again. Enemies under a red beam will only take 20% of the damage you would.

a Purple Laser will hit you for much less (30% of a Red Laser) but will continue hitting, and do not turn off unless The Assimilated turns them off himself. Standing under these can potentially be even more deadly than a red beam, as these will continue to hit. Without any boosts, 7 shots from a Purple Laser is generally enough to finish you off. It is recommended to move to a part of the room where Purple Beams are not firing in order to avoid... Dying.

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