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How to Create a Mafia

Anyone who is not a member of a mafia can build a Mafia HQ.

  • Resources Required: 500 Steel, 500 Contraband, and 500,000 Cash.
  • Once you've built a Mafia HQ, there is an action on it to "Name Mafia."
    • A Mafia can have spaces in its name.
    • A Mafia can not have the same name as a player or another Mafia.

How to Join a Mafia

First, find the Mafias page (like a Player Profile) or tap the Mafia's HQ.

  • All Mafias are listed in the "Players" menu.
  • You can also find a Mafia page by visiting the profile of any Member and clicking the Mafias name.

From the Mafia Page you can "Join Mafia."

  • This sends a request to the Mafias Boss, or any other member with the proper Permission, to join the Mafia.
  • The Mafia will have a message in their inbox that they can use to accept your request to join.

Mafia Headquarter Functions

  • A Headquarter does not earn Mafia Tech through jobs, hunting, or crafting in its vicinity.
  • By clicking on the Mafia HQ you get the following options:
    • Take out cash from Mafia Coffers
    • Take out Tech from Mafia Coffers
    • Donate Cash to Mafia
    • Donate Tech to Mafia
    • Buy Tech from Tech Lab

Mafia Tech Lab

Mafia Bosses can invest in a Tech Lab for their members. Once a day, members can purchase Mafia Tech from their Tech Lab for a small amount of Credits

  • Tech Lab - Level 1
    • Cost to Upgrade : 100 Credits
    • 400 Tech for 5 Credits
  • Tech Lab - Level 2
    • Cost to Upgrade : 200 Credits
    • 800 Tech for 9 Credits
  • Tech Lab - Level 3
    • Cost to Upgrade : 300 Credits
    • 1200 Tech for 12 Credits

Protecting Mafia Headquarters

Install turrets to protect your HQ from rivals and enemies.
Turret options:

Peace and Surrender

If your mafia is at war, you can request Peace from the opponent via their Mafia profile page.

  • There is no penalty for offering peace.
  • Peace can be accepted or denied by the other Mafia.

You may also surrender to the opponent:

  • Surrender to the opponent via their Mafia profile page
  • This sends the opponent 15% of your total tech including what is held by individual players.
  • Another 15% is lost to the game, making the total surrender cost 30%.
  • Surrender grants your Mafia 1 week immunity from being nuked or raided by the other Mafia.

Mafia Offices and Buildings

Just like players in PM, Mafias can own buildings.

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