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Mafia Offices carry out the day to day affairs of a Mafia, like collecting protection Cash from nearby business Fronts. A Mafia Office will "skim a little off the top" from any business Front that is visible from the Office. They also allow a mafia to earn Mafia Tech.

Non-Mafia members can use these buildings to request to join the Mafia.

Susceptible to PocketNukes, Mafia Offices are destroyed if their experience bar is taken to 0.


Building Mafia Offices

The number of total Mafia Offices any Mafia can build is limited by the number of active members in the Mafia.

  • The Number of Mafia Offices a Mafia can support is affected by the Levels of its Active Members
    • Level 1-14: No Offices
    • Level 15-19: 1 Office (per Active Member)
    • Level 20-25: 2 Offices (per Active Member)
    • Level 26-30: 3 Offices (per Active Member)
  • A member is active if they have played within the last 7 days
  • If a mafia is over their limit, Offices are not destroyed, the Mafia just can't build any more

Mafia Office construction materials and costs:

  • 20 Steel
  • 20 Contraband
    • Cost modifiers by Range Under 10km = No increased Cost
    • 10km to 49km = 24 steel and 24 contraband.
    • 50km to 99km = 28 steel and 28 contraband.
    • 100km to 199km = 32 steel and 32 contraband.
    • 200km to 499km = 36 steel and 36 contraband.
    • 500km or More = 40 steel and 40 contraband.

Distance Multiplier for costs:

  • Construction, Upgrade, and Repair costs of Mafia Buildings have been increased according to their distance from the HQ
  • Includes initial construction costs (Steel, Contraband) and upgrade costs (Mafia Tech)
    • Does not affect the amount of EXP needed to Level
    • Cost modifiers by Range Under 10km = No increased Cost
    • 10km to 49km = 20% additional Cost
    • 50km to 99km = 40% additional Cost
    • 100km to 199km = 60% additional Cost
    • 200km to 499km = 80% additional Cost
    • 500km or More = 100% additional cost

Upgrading Mafia Offices

As Mafia members earn XP, nearby Mafia Offices accumulate XP as well. In order to upgrade Mafia Offices, a certain amount of XP needs to be accumulated on that Office. Each upgrade had additional resource costs.

XP and resource requirements for upgrading:

  • Upgrade to Level 2: 3000 XP, 2,000 Mafia Tech
  • Upgrade to Level 3: 6000 XP, 10,000 Mafia Tech
  • Upgrade to Level 4: 9000 XP, 50,000 Mafia Tech
  • Upgrade to Level 5: 12000 XP, 100,000 Mafia Tech

Benefits of upgrading Mafia Offices:

  • They are harder to destroy because they have more total XP accumulated
    • Level 1: 3,000 XP
    • Level 2: 6,000 XP (Total 9,000 xp)
    • Level 3: 9,000 XP (Total 18,000 xp)
    • Level 4: 12,000 XP (Total 30,000 xp)
    • Level 5: 15,000 XP (Total 45,000 xp)

Cash Generation

Each Front will give its protection cash to only one Mafia Office. When several Offices are within range, the protection cash will go to the highest level Mafia Office. In the case of a tie, the protection cash goes to whichever Office was already collecting it (need to get a higher level Office to steal the protection cash). Office cash is generated by the amount earned by the fronts within range.

  • Higher level offices collect a higher percentage of Cash from the Fronts within range
  • Higher level offices can store more Cash between collections
  • Cash is stored in the Mafia Office until a member comes by to collect it.
    • Cash is automatically routed to the Mafia Bank when collected.

When competing with offices to collect more Cash from nearby Fronts.
Percent of Cash collected at each Office level:

  • Level 1: 4% Cash collected from each Front, 180 Cash storage limit
  • Level 2: 6% Cash collected from each Front, 360 Cash storage limit
  • Level 3: 8% Cash collected from each Front, 720 Cash storage limit
  • Level 4: 10% Cash collected from each Front, 1440 Cash storage limit
  • Level 5: 15% Cash collected from each Front, 2880 Cash storage limit

Earning Mafia Tech

Mafia tech is earned when you perform jobs, hunt, and craft within an Office's circle of influence.

  • An office must be within visual range to earn Mafia Tech
  • If another office of equal or greater level is within the same visual range, your office will not earn tech from that front.
  • Office influence has a radius of 2km.
  • Higher level offices earn more tech:
    • Level 1 earns 300 tech per 1,000 player experience gained within office range.
    • Level 2 earns 400 tech per 1,000 player experience gained within office range.
    • Level 3 earns 500 tech per 1,000 player experience gained within office range.
    • Level 4 earns 600 tech per 1,000 player experience gained within office range.
    • Level 5 earns 700 tech per 1,000 player experience gained within office range.
  • Mafia Enemies do not earn Tech or Experience for the office, but will earn cash.
  • Front ownership around an office doesn't affect the Office.

Protecting Mafia Offices

Protecting your offices is vital to the survival of your Mafia and it's rankings. Install turrets to protect your offices from rivals and enemies.
Turret options:

Penalties for Offices that are nuked

  • When a Mafia Office is Downgraded or Destroyed, the Mafia loses Mafia Tech
    • 1% of its Mafia Tech is taken both from the Mafia and from all the Mafia Member Inventories
    • An additional 1% of the Mafia's Tech is given to the Attacker's Mafia
    • If the Attacker isn't in a Mafia, the additional Mafia Tech is scrapped
  • After being Nuked, the Building becomes Irradiated for 24 hours and no Mafia Tech or Cash is produced within 600m
    • Re-Nuking Refreshes this Effect
  • NOTE: Penalties stack. If you lose two levels on an Office from one Pocket Nuke, you lose 4% of your tech.

Mafia Office Missions

  • Missions have a chance to show up on Mafia Offices
  • These Missions can only be taken by Members of the Mafia
  • Mafia Missions give out a varied amount of Mafia Tech per Level
  • This replaces the Influence Bonus or Owner Resource Bonus that Fronts have

  • Mafia Tech per Level
    • Level 1 - 500 Mafia Tech
    • Level 2 - 1000 Mafia Tech
    • Level 3 - 1500 Mafia Tech
    • Level 4 - 2000 Mafia Tech
    • Level 5 - 2500 Mafia Tech
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