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Parallel Mafia

Build your mafia, be the boss.

Parallel Mafia

Here you will find information about Parallel Mafia

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Parallel Mafia is a Android and iOS based GPS-Based game application. It allows you to explore areas around where you live, or anywhere on else on Earth. You can expand your territory, upgrade weapons, form mafias, and fight other players.

Table of contents

  • Main Page - Right here.
  • Enemies - Learn about your foes. All the attackable enemies you may run across in-game are listed here.
  • Buildings - This is a list of both buildings you can build and pre-spawned buildings.
  • Vegetation - Sometimes you will come across plants in your journeys. Learn about them HERE!
  • Items - Every item you could ever need or obtain.
  • Mafia - All Mafia related entries can be found here.
  • Augments - Skills you can upgrade your character with. Each one gives bonuses and requires one or more Augment Points.
  • Classes - Classes are Augments that provide special boosts in combat based on your gear.
  • Swag - Swag is limited-edition items. You can only get these during the short time they are released, unless you buy from another player.
  • Chat Rules - Learn these so you don't get muted!
  • Game Mechanics - Explains various aspects of the game and how they affect your play.
  • Events- updates, limited time events & player sponsored tournaments

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