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These automated turrets are deployed in large numbers by Apex in order to protect critical installations such as the Foundry and the Jurassic Arks from intruders. When threatened the turrets will mobilize to strike you from a distance.

These opponents can be very annoying. Without a range weapon, they will usually run from you if you attempt to attack with your close range weapon. Even a Cybernetic Charge will not work on these, they will simply run away before you reach them. There are a couple ways to avoid this and speed up your Foundry experience. First of all, a Shock Bomb works great to stun the turrets and allow you to attack them without issues. If you have a lot of Molotovs, you can use one of those to damage the guns. The most direct way to destroy one is too give one nowhere to run. This can be accomplished by either charging one head on (with an equal distributed chance of fleeing on each side it will not move), or trapping it in the corner. Be very careful or you might have to "herd" that turret all around the room, all over again.

Of course, the easiest way is to simply bring along a long-range Weapon, such as a Rifle. As long as you are out of melee range, you can safely shoot the turret without fear of it escaping. Of course, it will fire back, but that is nothing a painkiller or two can't fix.

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