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  • Peddler appears on highly contested fronts
    • A Peddler is a competitive King of the Hill event
    • Event Duration (Chosen by Front Owner)
      • Quick Deal - Lasts only 3 hours, but 1x reward
      • Standard Deal - Lasts for 10 hours, 4x reward
      • Extended Deal - Lasts for 24 hours, 10x reward!

During Event


  • Everyone within 2km of the Peddler can see him
  • The person who started the event gets a GPS Marker for the duration of the event
  • The Peddler starts selling his illicit goods


Once the event is over the Peddler randomly offers the Front's Owner 1 of 4 prizes:

  • 7 Weapon Parts
  • 5,000 Cash
  • 1 Random Blueprint
  • 1 Network Node
    • Used to Unlock more Travel Safe Houses
  • Warning: You have to get back to the Peddler within 24 hours to collect your Reward (He sends an Invite)
  • Remember: You get bonus Rewards for longer events!
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