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  • Removes up to 16,000 Exp from a building (See "Detonation" below for more details)
  • Does not affect Influence on a Building
  • Will destroy a Mafia Office if the Exp goes below zero
  • Will destroy a Turret if the HP goes below zero
  • Cannot destroy a Business Front but can bring it down to zero Experience
  • PocketNukes are Crafted out of 25 AI Circuit, 20 Contraband, and 5 Silicon (Does not require any Augments to Craft)
  • "Check Next Nuke Time" added to recently Nuked Buildings to see when Nuking of that Building will be available
  • After being Nuked, the Building becomes Irradiated for 24 hours and no Mafia Tech or Cash is produced within 600m
    • Re-Nuking Refreshes this Effect


  • If you have a PocketNuke in your Inventory, you can click on any eligible Building and place the PocketNuke.
  • A private message is sent to the Building owner or its Mafia's members which can be used as an invite to the location of the Building being nuked
  • PocketNukes take 4 minutes (6 minutes when within a 500m range of a Tesla Coil Turret) to Detonate (See "Countdown" below for more information)
  • A single Building may only have a PocketNuke placed on it once every 22 Hours
  • A single Player may only place 3 PocketNukes every 22 Hours (This timer starts as soon as their first PocketNuke is placed)
  • A PocketNuke cannot be placed within 800m of another PocketNuke that is currently counting down


  • A PocketNuke has 4,000 HP while it is Counting Down
  • During the Countdown all Turrets within range can attack the PocketNuke to lower its health (See Detonation for more details on why lower health on the PocketNuke is good)
  • Machine Gun Turrets will focus on PocketNukes over hostile Players and do 4 Damage to PocketNukes and shoot every 1.5 Seconds (2.66 Dmg/Sec)
  • Rocket Turrets will focus on hostile players over PocketNukes and do 34 Damage to PocketNukes and shoot every 8.5 Seconds (4 Dmg/Sec) dealing splash to the PocketNuke if the Player they are attacking is close enough to it
  • Tesla Coil Turrets will do 11 Damage to PocketNukes every 2 Seconds (5.5 Dmg/Sec) and slow a PocketNukes' Detonation to 6 minutes (Multiple Tesla Coil Turrets have no additional Damage or Time effects)


  • Players cannot attack a PocketNuke directly but can attempt to disarm it
    • The Disarming Action takes 10 Seconds to complete
    • Only one Player can be Disarming a PocketNuke at a time
    • The Disarm Attempt is interrupted if the Player moves, Attacks or is Attacked
    • If the 10 Second timer finishes uninterrupted, one of 2 things will happen
      • 97.5% of the time you will do 50 damage to the nuke
      • 2.5% of the time you will remove the PocketNuke from the map (no longer allowing it to Detonate) and gain the PocketNuke Item in your Inventory


  • When a PocketNukes' timer runs out or its HP goes to 0, it Detonates
  • The less HP a PocketNuke has, the less damage it will do to the Building it is placed on (16,000 * % of PocketNuke HP)
  • Damage is taken out of Experience on Fronts and Mafia Offices and HP on Turrets
  • Every Player and Enemy within 600m (circle range) of the PocketNuke takes 80 damage and no one gets credit for any Deaths this way
  • Turrets within 600m (circle range) take extra Damage between 600 and 1350 damage (600 + 750 * % of PocketNuke HP)
  • Turrets within 600m (circle range) are disabled for 3 Minutes
  • If the PocketNuke was placed on a Turret, that Turret is disabled for 6 Minutes instead of 3
  • Disabled Turrets do not Fire at anything
  • Disabled Tesla Coil Turrets do not slow the Countdown of a PocketNuke
  • If a Tesla Coil turret is enabled or disabled during a Countdown, it will slow only part of the time
  • Turrets that are hit with the EMP from a PocketNuke can't be Repaired until 5 minutes afterwards
  • Nukes do not get attacked by the Nuke Planter's Mafia's own Turrets
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