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Player Raids
A player can raid a Mafia Office or a front.

To raid a Mafia Office you expend 2 heat. To raid a front you expend 1 heat.

Raids may fail.

  • You now steal all the Cash from a Front/Office when Raiding
    • After it's Raided, the Building will be in a visibly Disabled state
    • The Front/Office stops earning Cash until the Owner returns and "Fixes" it
      • Fix Action
        • Costs 50/100/200/400/800 Cash (depending on Front/Office Level)
        • Once Fixed, the Front/Office starts earning Cash again
      • If the Front has Cash when Raided, the Raider gains Influence
        • If the Front has been full on Cash for over 48 hours, you gain +100% Influence
        • If the Front has been full on Cash for over 24 hours, you gain +50%
        • If the Front is full on Cash, gain +25% Influence
  • Raiding Success Percent Calculation:
    • Starting Percent for a successful Raid is 50%
    • Each Building Level reduces the Percent by 10%
    • Each Character Level of the Raider increases the Percent by 2% per Character Level (including the first)
    • Raiding Arm Mods increase the percent by 10%
    • Raid Chance Drive Bonus increases the percent by 5/10/15%
    • The Defended Blueprint reduces the Raiding percent by 5/10/15/20/25%
    • You are never more than 90% likely to Succeed
    • You are never less than 10% likely to fail
  • Raid Limit Timer
    • A specific Player can only Raid a single Front once every 24 hours
    • This Timer is applied regardless of the success of the Raid

NPC Raid

Whenever you visit your Fronts, there is a chance some thugs will run up to your Front and start Raiding it

  • Enemies take 120 seconds to Raid a Front
  • You cannot Collect Cash from a Front while Enemies are Raiding it
    • If you don't kill these Enemies, they will Raid your Front
      • Influence and Cash are lost as if it was a normal Raid
      • The Front will also need to be Fixed
  • Enemies can only try to Raid each of your Fronts once a day
  • The chance that Enemies Raid your Front is lower the higher the Front Level
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