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Command Posts are Buildings that provide Missions and have set locations throughout the world (similar to Black Markets)

  • The nearest Command Post shows up in your Estates List
  • By doing Missions with the Command Post you can earn Relation Levels on it for yourself and Influence Levels for your Mafia
  • Each Command Post has three Missions you can select from
    • You can only have one Mission for each Command Post
    • By doing Missions from the same Command Post, you'll earn Experience for that Building and build Levels
      • Players start at Level 1 and work their way up to Level 40
      • The higher Level you have with the Command Post, the more Experience and Mission Rewards you receive from it

Mafia Influence on Command Posts

Each Command Post has Influence like Business Fronts, but Mafia's generate the Influence (not individual Players)

  • A Command Post has 10,000% Influence at Max
  • Whichever Mafia has the most Influence "Owns" that Command Post
  • Higher Level Missions give more Mafia Influence
    • Level 1: 2%
    • Level 2: 6%
    • Level 3: 10%
    • Level 4: 18%
    • Level 5: 30%
  • Mafia Influence is recorded for each Mafia each day
    • The amount of Influence per Mission the Mafia gains each day decreases the more they are done that day
  • Each Command Post is tied to one of the following Mafia Bonuses
    • Hired Guns Bonus - Missions cost 10% less for your Members
      • Seattle
      • Boston
      • Nairobi
    • Information Broker Bonus - Buying Intel costs no Tech (Base cost is 5,000), Get +5% to success rates when buying Intel from a Snitch
      • New Orleans
      • Rio de Janeiro
      • Mumbai
    • Premium PocketNukes Bonus - Your PocketNukes have 10% more HP
      • Detroit
      • Paris
      • Beijing
  • Every week (at the time the Hats are awarded) whichever Mafia holds the Command Post gets those Bonuses for that week
    • The Bonuses apply to all Members of that Mafia
    • Bonuses do not stack with themselves
    • Holding two Outposts of the same type gives no additional bonus
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