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The Robo Rex is the final boss of Apex's Jurassic Ark. An augmented T-Rex, the Robo Rex is powerful and deadly. It's blows are able to demolish even the most capable foes in a few strikes.
robo_rex_laser_normal.png robo_rex_laser_tractor.png robo_rex_laser_concussion.png
The Robo Rex is equipped with a laser cannon capable of firing a variety of ammunition. It's standard purple laser is similar to that of the Stegotank, and inflicts devestating damage on contact. The blue tractor laser only inflicts half the damage of the standard blast, but pulls the target next to the Robo Rex. The most dangerous of it's ammunition is the orange concussion laser, which is strong enough to launch its target out of the room, forcing you to start the battle all over again.
It also drops shock grenades which will temporarily charge floor tiles, and will damage you if you step on them. As the Robo Rex takes damage it will drop more at a time, so watch your step!

Over time it will also call some of its allies in to aid it in battle.

It drops 3 Dino DNA when defeated.

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