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Every player begins the game with a Robot Companion. Your robot will fight by your side and aid you in battle by taking damage as well as dealing it out. To enlist the aid of your Robot Companion, click on the Robot Remote item in your inventory and then click 'Call Companion.'

If your Robot Companion starts getting low on hit points, you can patch him up with some Robo Cogs by tapping the robot and choosing "Heal Companion." This will use one of your Robo Cogs and the Robot Companion will start to regain health.

Special Ability

buff_laser_defense.png Ability: Laser Pulse

  • Function: Deals a powerful hit to main foe, and applies the Laser Debuff (Lower Defense) to nearby enemies
    • Cooldown: 100 Seconds
    • Damage: 10 + (4 * Level) (Ranges from 14-50)
      • Damage is reduced by 50% in PvP with it ranging from (7-25)
      • Laser Radius: 100m + (20m * Level) (Ranges from 100-300 meters)


Robots are upgradable to Level 10.

The Universal Purpose Link Augment allows you to improve your robots' performance.
You must turn in 2,000 AI Circuits at the end of a Foundry Section 4 to unlock this Augment.

Raid Enemy

robot_enemy.png Robots can also be found assisting the Private Security in the Jurassic Ark Raid. They have all the abilities of a companion robot.

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