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This adorable blob of toxic life has been created from the excess being shipped away from Apex's new "Project"

Special Ability

Unlike the Robot, Slimebot has a Ranged Attack

  • Ability: Viscous Residue
    • Function: Buffs Slimebot and allows its attacks to apply Toxin and Slime Slow
    • buff_viscous_residue.png Viscous Residue lasts for 25 Seconds
    • Can only be used once every 100 Seconds
  • Ability Stats
    • Chance to Slime Slow and Toxin: 10% + (9% * Level) (Ranges from 19%-100%)
    • buff_slime_slow.png Slime Slow Amount: 5 + (2 * Level) (Ranges from 7-25)
    • Slime Slow Duration: 20 seconds

Raid Enemy

slimebot_enemy.png Slimebots can also be found assisting the Private Security in the Jurassic Ark Raid. They have all the abilities of a companion robot.

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