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When a Mafia Office is destroyed, a Snitch pops out and stays on the map for 24 Hours

  • Requires a GPS in the Player's Inventory
  • Has a chance of success of 0.2% * (Number of Mafia Members, including Inactives + *Number of Mafia Offices)
  • Costs 5,000 Tech and 20,000 Cash even if it fails
  • A Player can only try to Buy Intel on any Mafia once every 22 hours

Successfully buying Intel reveals the location on one of the 3 Mafia Offices that are furthest from that Mafia's HQ

  • The revealed location is added to the Player's GPS for 24 hours; The player may instantly travel to it for 100 Credits
  • If a Mafia has fewer than 3 Mafia Offices under consideration, the Mafia HQ may be revealed
  • If Intel is bought from a Snitch, only Mafia Offices that are closer to the HQ than the Snitch are considered
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