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The Soldier is a combat veteran trained in the use of Shotguns and Knuckles.


Soldier Level 1

  • +1 with Knuckles
  • Every 90 seconds of continues fighting vs. another player provides a +1 Veteran Bonus for all Attacks (Max of +1)

Soldier Level 2

Soldier Level 3

  • Veteran Bonus max increased to +2

Soldier Level 4

  • Veteran Bonus max increased to +3
  • Additional +1 with Kelvar Armor vs. Melee Attacks

Soldier Level 5

Soldier Veteran Bonus

  • For each person you are in combat with, you have a unique "battle timer."
    • This timer only disappears if someone is killed or nobody hits each other for 5 minutes.
  • As a Soldier, while your battle timer exists, your Veteran Bonus builds.
    • The Veteran Bonus against that Player does not disappear when either party goes Unaggressive (only when someone dies or combat has been done for 5 minutes).

Soldiers can earn class specific swag with Soldier Tokens

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