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The Tesla Turret deals very little damage to the target, but applies a Magnetized Debuff forcing the target to slow down.

  • Magnetized Debuff
    • The enemy is slowed down as if Cryo was applied to them
    • The effect does stack with Cryo
    • This is also a DoT effect that continues to deal a small amount of damage over time

Base cost:

Distance Multiplier for costs:

  • Construction, Upgrade, and Repair costs of Mafia Buildings have been increased according to their distance from the HQ
  • Includes initial construction costs (Steel, Contraband) and upgrade costs (Mafia Tech)
    • Does not affect the amount of EXP needed to Level
    • Cost modifiers by Range Under 10km = No increased Cost
    • 10km to 49km = 20% additional Cost (24,000 Tech, 12 Batteries, 36 Steel).
    • 50km to 99km = 40% additional Cost (28,000 Tech, 14 Batteries, 42 steel).
    • 100km to 199km = 60% additional Cost (32,000 Tech, 16 Batteries, 48 steel).
    • 200km to 499km = 80% additional Cost (36,000 Tech, 18 Batteries, 54 steel).
    • 500km or More = 100% additional cost (40,000 Tech, 20 Batteries, 60 steel).


  • Turrets can be built as close as 150m from other Buildings
  • Turrets must be 350m away from your Mafia's Turrets
  • Turrets must be 600m away from opposing Mafia Turrets
  • Turrets must be within 500m of one of your Mafia Office or your Mafia HQ (If the office is removed, the turret can be re-activated if a Mafia Office (belonging to the same Mafia) is rebuilt within range of it.
  • Turret attack radius 500m
  • Turret will do 11 Damage to Pocket_Nuke every 2 Seconds (5.5 Dmg/Sec) and slow a Pocket Nukes' Detonation to 6 minutes (Multiple Tesla Coil Turrets have no additional Damage or Time effects)

Other information

  • Mafia Turrets have 16000 HP
  • Turrets that are hit with the EMP from a PocketNuke can't be Repaired for 5 minutes afterwards
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