Toxin Mod

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A weapon modification that slowly poisons your enemy with a cocktail of deadly toxins, causing small amounts of damage over a period of time. Weapons have been known to turn greenish in color after being infused with this Mod.

Crafting Requirements (makes 1 Toxin Mod):

Modding Need-To-Know

  • You need to have 3 of the same type of mod to modify 1 weapon or armor.
  • A weapon or armor can only have one type of mod applied.
  • Specific augments are only needed to craft mods, not to apply them to a weapon/armor.
  • The more leveled the item, the more cash it will take to apply the mod.
  • The Cyanyll, Optics, Battery, and Ln2 Canister parts are possibly the hardest components to find of Toxin, Laser, Electric, and Cryo Mods. They can be found by doing Dance Club, Health Clinic, Construction Site, and Research Lab jobs respectively.
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